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    Aug 3rd - 6th, 2017
General Public
    Aug 5th - 6th, 2017
Saskatoon, SK

Vendor Rules & Application

Click here to download the SuperRun 17 Vendor registration form

1.   “The Vendor” shall enter in and display at SuperRun, the aforementioned merchandise (as per application) upon approval in the aforementioned allocated vendor space.

2.   “The Vendor” agrees, no memberships or any other merchandise of any description or tickets shall be sold or raffles held at the show except subject to prior approval by “The Committee”.

3.   “The Vendor” agrees, all Items being used as a give-away or as a prize will be first turned over to “The Committee" previous to the doors opening and failure to do so will result in the termination of that give-away or prize.

4.   It is further agreed “The Vendor”, will be allowed to hand out authorised literature, Business Cards & merchandise in a professional manner, without any harassment to any persons attending the show, spectators or otherwise.

5.   “The Vendor” shall not stack, hang or display any materials or merchandise in their stall or elsewhere, in the building(s) or on the grounds (unless approved by “The Committee” past a 10’ min. Height.

6.   “The Committee” reserves the right to place “The Vendor” display anywhere in the building(s) or on the grounds subject to pre- arrangement.

7.   It is agreed that after the display of “The Vendor” is placed in the building(s) or on the grounds, that the display shall not be moved until permission is given to do so by “The Committee”. It is further agreed that all displays be of fire proof materials.

8.   It is further here agreed that the displays be kept clear and reasonably clean and that no alcoholic beverages shall be kept or consumed in the display area(s).

9.   “The Vendor” agrees to insure his display against loss or damage, no matter how much loss or damage may be caused, and it is agreed that “The Vendor” shall be responsible for payment of the costs of such insurance.

10. It is agreed that “The Vendor” shall receive (1) Vendor Vehicle parking pass, two (2) Vendor gate passes to the show

11. It is acknowledged that “The Vendor” hereby authorises “The Committee” and those acting with its authority, to use descriptions or photographs of “The Vendor” displays in the show without permission of “The Vendor” for the purpose of trade, advertising, publicity or promotion of any kind and that “The Vendor” shall have no claims against “The Committee” by reason of such use.

12. “The Committee” shall not for any reason or for any cause be liable or responsible to “The Vendor” for any injury or damage to him /her or any of his/her employees or his/her display or other property brought upon the premises

of where the show is held, and whether or not “The Committee” may be liable in the law for such injury or damage, “The Vendor” does hereby remise, release and forever discharge “The Committee”, its successors and assigns, or and demands whatsoever in the law or in equity which against “The Committee” “The Vendor” ever had, now has or may in the future have by reason or injury or damage to him/her, his/her employees, or his/her display or other property brought upon the premises where the show is held.

13. “The Committee” may where “The Vendor” fails to comply with the orders or requests of “the Committee” or permits any conduct or act which in the opinion of  “The Committee” is improper, or renders it inadvisable that “The Vendor ” should be allowed to continue carrying on business under this contract, or fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this contract, terminate this contract and take possession of the exhibit area and at the cost of  “The Vendor”, remove “The Vendor” and all it’s property from the area in question, by force if necessary, and “The Committee” shall not be liable in damages or otherwise by reason of any such actions. Notwithstanding such termination or removal, “The Vendor” shall pay in full the contract fees.

14. “The Committee” may, where the payment of fees and all other money’s is not made in accordance with the terms of the contract, be able to cancel this contract by written notice without prejudice to “The Committees” right to recover for money’s due and owing under this contract.

Vendor Setup & show times

Setup Times:
   Friday 10AM – 9PM

Show Times:
   Saturday 10AM - 5PM
   Sunday  10AM - 5PM